Laser Endometrial Ablation is used in the treatment of heavy bleeding, it can also be used to treat the bleeding that may occur alongside fibroids. It’s purpose is similar to that of Microwave and Thermal Balloon ablation techniques.

It is hoped that through the treatment, the lining of the womb will be removed to such an extent that bleeding will be stopped or significantly reduced.

Either a general or a local anaesthetic is given to the patient and then a saline solution is passed into the womb. The laser treatment then uses an optical fibre that is passed into the womb via a hysteroscope. The womb lining is then heated with the laser. The hysteroscope allows the gynaecologist to see what part of the womb needs treatment.

However, the cost of this type of treatment is high due to the cost of equipment and the length of time it takes to perform. For this reason, it is not generally available.

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