Hysterectomy for cancer – Trudy’s Story

Hi, I have been off work for shoulder surgery work related. During that time I found out after my pap smear was abnormal that I needed a endometrial biopsy which confirmed uterine cancer. Less than a month after that I had a robotic total hysterectomy. Everything including my cervix was removed.

The resident told me I would be off work 4 to 6 weeks. My work disability is giving me off till 5/28/13. I had this procedure on May 1st ,2013. I am still on light duty til 6/6/2013 for my shoulder. I am a nurse who works 12.5 hours a day but not every day. I push a med cart with a computer. Wash, turn, lift patients getting them on carts and in and out of bed. I am working at the same hospital for close to 29 years. I have another surgery for a adenoma which will be scheduled for end of July/first week in August.

I am still pretty sore and have a difficult time with sitting upright in a chair and bending. I figured I would be off work for 8 weeks. My friend who had a vaginal hysterectomy was off for 8 weeks and my other friend 6 weeks; both sit down jobs. I don’t mind working, but thought 4 weeks is pushing it. Don’t want to overdo it to soon. I am glad to see that it takes longer then doctors say before one recovers from this type of surgery. I am not sure what to do if my doctor wants to send me back before I am ready. Even my insurance company says see how you feel at 4 weeks.

Work supposedly has light duty but last time when I hurt my shoulder it involved cleaning, refrigerators and medical rooms, and a lot of walking and things not really light duty. Thanks for reading my letter and if you could respond that would be great.


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