My hysterectomy experience – Jean’s story

Hi this is my experience of having a full hysterectomy, I had suffered many years with heavy periods and anaemia. From pills and more pills, to ablation nothing worked. I have completed my family and at 47 I wanted to get my life back as I felt as though my life was worked around my period. Holidays, days out, shopping and the relationship with my husband.

So on 7th of February I had surgery a full hysterectomy. The operation went well, but I want to inform others of some things I was not told would happen after surgery. I arrived back from theatre i had self admitted morphine pump, a catheter and drip.

The next morning once the catheter had been removed, this does not hurt. I was able to have a wash, but in standing up blood came away from me which at the time was quite worrying I was told by the nurse this sometimes happens. If I was told before I stood up I would have been prepared. So don’t be alarmed if this happens to you . I was told my first wee on the toilet may take a while, but the second and third wee will need to be measured, for me pee in a jug then give to the nurse. It’s just to check everything is ok.

A big problem I had was gas I was not prepared for that, drink lots of peppermint tea, eating and drinking was s problem for me with the gas as everything I swallowed gave me gas, this lasted for 4 weeks the first 2 weeks very painful . I was told don’t worry about going for a poo as bowels are put to sleep for the operation. But when I did go about 4 days after my operation I was sat on the loo for ages constipated so I recommend lactose in a morning, Senakot in the evening and plenty of peppermint tea. When people say you can’t pick a kettle up it’s true, my advise is rest, rest and rest get plenty of DVD’s and jigsaws to keep yourself amused.

After week 4 I felt a lot better plus the gas had gone I was one stone lighter with not being able to eat properly. But that’s not a problem if eat small amounts fresh food not processed. I had tummy incision on my bikini line just above the incision it is quite swollen I’m on week 10 post op and has gone down half what it was but towards end of the day tummy feels a little swollen.

It was my first day at work today I’m full time but my doctor has let me go back on a phased return so I’m doing four 4 hr shifts for 2 weeks.

I would say my experience has had ups , downs , painful and emotional days but I know it has been the best decision I have made. My doctor has told me it will be 6 months for inside to heal and about one year to be fully recovered, In other words look after yourself and don’t push yourself to early. I hope my experience has helped you,I can now live everyday and not have to plan . I’m back power walking ,taking my dog and enjoying everyday ?

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