Hysterectomy and cancer – Judith’s story

My story starts in the middle of 2010 when I started having increased frequency in my periods and by November 2010 they had become unbearable with flooding, which was getting to the point of interrupting with my home and work life. My colleagues at work kept losing me and I had to carry a change of clothes with me wherever I went. At this point I went to the GP and asked for a gynaecologist referral, which thankfully because of having a good Dr she agreed to refer me.

I struggled on and early Jan 2011 I had the first of many scans, the GP had organised it. I got the results a couple of weeks later and there was nothing particular showing up, so when I got hospital appt. I did not go prepared for another internal scan, which as a nurse you would think I would expect. To cut a long story short the consultant said that he would get me in on the urgent list for a routine d&c and ablation which I thought would solve all my problems. How wrong was I!

Following day procedure they took biopsies which I remember saying to a friend it was nothing to worry about but 2 weeks later I got a phone call to come the next day to see the consultant. I knew that this was going to bad news. I was told I had stage 1 endometrial cancer. Total abdominal hysterectomy and oopherectomy was needed and completed within 4 weeks. I have had a brilliant gynaecologist who has been so supportive throughout the past 6 years

Following surgery which was keyhole and I recovered well except that I had a haemorrhage and a collection which slowed recovery, but generally it was the best thing as I now could do whatever I wanted without having to plan, and yes it was traumatic finding out you have cancer but 6 years later I have beat it!!

The only long term problems was the menopause but you do learn to live with it, although night time is the worst, and the prolapses that I developed and required two major ops to deal with it, but now 2 months following last one and problem has now been resolved, thankfully! Now giving to get on with enjoying life.

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