Hysterectomy, Anterior and Posterior Repair – Bernadette’s Story

I had hysterectomy, anterior and posterior repair on 2nd June 14. It was all done vaginally. After 2 years of bowel and bladder problems it was discovered by the practice nurse at my cervical smear I had a significant prolapse.

My outpatient appt then went onto me being offered the operation. I was I must say very calm and positive about having the operation being a nurse myself, even though others tried to put me off.

The day after surgery I walked to bathroom with only slight discomfort. Day by day I have got stronger. I did have a urine infection which was treated with antibiotics and was constipated, which I think is normal.

I have tried to take advise and pace myself. But because I have felt so well I need to reign my self in. 6 days after operation I had a 20 min walk which I am sure I shouldn’t but I felt well enough to do it. I still can’t drive according to the 6 week normal earliest to drive, but can’t wait as that limits me in terms of getting out being my partner doesn’t drive.

I have amazed my self how quickly I have progressed. So I believe positive thinking and having an excellent surgeon must help. I know and felt my life from now on will be transformed.


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