Hysterectomy, and how uninformed I feel – Jacquie’s Story

I had a hysterectomy on the 23rd June 2011 as I had been suffering wth heavy bleeding for about 2 years and was very aneamic. I had a hysteroscopy in March prior to this and biopsies were taken which, thank god came back ok.

The decision to have a hysterectomy was more or less left in my own hands as there was no obvious cause for my heavy bleeding. At the time I was just so desperate for the heavy bleeding to stop which was every two – three weeks and lasting for about 10 days, my life was on hold. I was left with my ovaries which, was apparently in my best interest, I obviously trusted everything the consultant said and although this may sound odd, I really wanted to have my ovaries removed too. I don,t know why but, I just felt that it would be more straight forward to go on to HRT after my op and that I wouldn,t have any further problems.

My hysterectomy went ok, I had it done vaginally, so had stitches all the way up inside my vagina. This was very painful and felt like all my insides were going to fall out! I had vaginal bleeding for about 2 weeks, a urine infection 5 days after the op and had to have a blood transfusion 3 days after the op, as my blood count was very low. I was in hospital for 4 days and came home to a very caring husband and 3 children who took very good care of me. I made a good recovery and was driving after 4 weeks and doing light housework and cooking.

15 months on from my hysterectomy I feel like a different person but, not in a good way. I have put on 2 stone and gone from a size 10 to size 14 in clothes, can’t sleep, have aches and pains all over my body, have panic attacks, severe mood swings, feel like I have an in-built radiator running on hot all the time. I am very tearful and just feel hopeless to be honest. My GP has put me on anti-depressants and I just don,t feel anyone is listening to me.

I strongly feel that I need to go on to HRT as my symptoms are hormonal. Whether that’s right or wrong I don’t know but, this is the point, I suppose is that everyone is different and their experience is different, recovery time has no time scale. I do feel like the medical profession thinks that one glove fits all and this can lead to women feeling that something is wrong with them after their hysterectomy and they are not recovering in the specified time scale!

I do have to remind myself why I had the hysterectomy in the first place and obviously weigh up the good point and the bad, I was very ill before the op and couldn’t function normally, so in the majority I feel it was the right thing but, I think that women should be given more informed choices and be allowed to ask for what they want.

I am having a blood test tomorrow to see if my hormone level indicates that I am having menopausal symptoms which, I think is the case. Hopefully I will be able to take some form of HRT and will feel much better. I have researched this in depth and found that my story is very common. Whilst I appreciate the controversial side of HRT I do feel that could be said for most drug treatments. I do think you have to be in that situation and experience what I am going through for instance before you judge what is right and wrong. It is the individuals choice and not a lifestyle choice.

I hope that my story would not make any woman wary of having a hysterectomy as the reason I had it was most definitely the right decision. Please remember that every woman is different and will draw different experiences from THEIR HYSTERECTOMY!


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