Hurry up January 21st 2015 – Vorrie’s Story

I got my period at age 14, my mother never told me what to expect and since I started on a plane from UK to US, I was convinced the cabin pressure had ruptured something inside me and I was going to bleed out. I was reassured that was not the case. My teenage years were miserable, never had a period less than 10 days with heavy bleeding and huge (I am talking clots that would each fill a bowl).

Since I was not yet sexually active I was not allowed to wear tampons and literally I was gushing blood every time I moved…Many embarrassing accidents. I never saw a gynae until I found out I was pregnant at 18. My first ever pap smear showed precancerous cells but the repeat at 3 months was OK. After my daughter was born I bled for five months straight and was told my body could not tolerate BC pills.

Over the next 15 years I had two more children (no problems). I did however have to get a D&C, and three days later I was rushed to the hospital..A very large blood clot had blocked my cervix and I was septic. Fast forward, I had many bad pap smears, cone biopsy (those hurt like hell) and was told I have high risk HPV. Finally I went to a new Doctor in September, and she did a uterine biopsy (negative!). She told me my uterus is tilted and pressing on my vaginal wall, thus why sex was liking getting stabbed up in there. She thought I needed a hysterectomy, leaving the overlies as I am 39. I have one more period before my surgery and I am dreading it. I can not wait for my surgery and for this 20 year nightmare to be over!!!


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