My HRT Question – Joan’s Story

Two years ago I found a lump in my pelvis which turned out to be a fibroid. I was offered a hysterectomy then which shocked me as I felt it was a drastic step in relation to my symptoms ie.pressure effects and heavy periods which though a pain  have always been regular. I declined this and asked about embolization at which my consultant basically said was not an option as I am not concerned about preserving my fertility.

Early this year I felt my fibroid had grown and the pressure effects to have got worse so I asked my GP to discuss the  pros and cons of a hysterectomy, however, he said it would be better if I was referred back to gynae . In March I saw the consultant again who said that she would do a hysterectomy, or if I did not want one I would be discharged from clinic and did not want to see me again! Also, she would remove my ovaries, put me on Zoladex pre-op and start me on HRT. I felt shell-shocked  because when I asked for information about what she had proposed a hospital leaflet was searched for. This was extremely basic. The appointment was hurried  and  I had 8 weeks to decide before my next appointment when she wanted my decision. This felt like an ultimatum to me.

In that time I had a repeat MRI scan which confirmed the fibroid has grown –its just over 10cm and I saw a different GP who though sympathetic had limited time to discuss my concerns. She suggested I use the Internet.

I felt such relief when I found your site because  I found the answers to a lot of my concerns and it is reassuring to know that there are other women out there who are in the same boat.

I have decided to go ahead with the hysterectomy , no Zoladex first as I am not prepared to take a risk on the side effects. I reason with myself that though the fibroid is not as large as what some ladies  describe it does cause me bother and I don’t like the fact that it is growing with the potential to go even larger. I am 44 and my mother stopped her cycles at 54. There is a psychological element for me because both my parents died of cancer and I know that it is rare for the fibroid to turn cancerous yet I would rather it not be there and if this means a TAH so be it.

When I returned to clinic I saw a registrar who was more approachable and willing to give explanations. She advised me to have my ovaries out because I have cysts on both and it would be a preventative measure to take in the one surgery. I am nervous about this aspect as I feel by going on HRT I take the risk of losing the person who I am now. This frightens me. However, with the information I get from you it’s a case of being forewarned is to be forearmed. My surgery date is to be confirmed but think it will be the end of Aug/Sept.


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