Horrible hysterectomy experience – Wendy’s story

I felt I was well prepared for my subtotal hysterectomy (my choice,I wanted to keep my cervix) I read my daily blog and did a lot of research, what I couldn’t predict was the lack of care on the too busy ward,mainly by the night staff, where I felt I needed the most support. I actually begged to go home less than 48 hrs post op, which I did.

Even though it’s only middle of October the hospital was full to capacity and I was the only one on my gyne ward who was a post operative gynecology patient, the other three acute elderly medical and a woman opposite me with a raging chest infection, everyone on antibiotics, except me. When I asked the night nurse should I be on the same ward as so much infection and she so rudely said she had just as much right to be in hospital as I had, that was not what I was asking.

I spent the time trying very hard to get to all the milestones, e.g catheter out and passing urine, etc, but felt very alone especially when the very painful wind started, agony. But I stuck to wanting to come home, day 4 post operative today, a lot of tears through pain and feeling isolated from medical staff but at home with my wonderful understanding husband and as an ex nurse just wondering what the hell has happened to the NHS.


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