Supplements that are particularly useful for women going through menopause can help protect against some of the dangers of oestrogen deficiency and help to relieve some of the more unpleasant symptoms. They include nutritional therapies, vitamins, essential fatty acids, minerals and amino acids.

For osteoporosis have a look for the special formulations for bones that contain calcium and vitamin D together with other minerals.

A good multivitamin supplement can also help to maintain healthy levels of all body nutrients to ensure that everything works as it should.

Vitamin B6 has been recommended for women that had pre-menstrual syndrome and is also useful for women going through menopause. Remember that the two conditions are caused by the same hormone, oestrogen. Essential fatty acids can be obtained from starflower and evening primrose oil supplements.

Natural Plant Oestrogens

There are over 300 plants that have oestrogens in them and if they are consumed regularly enough they can have a mild effect on women. The most potent of the plant oestrogens is Coumestrol even though it is about 200 times weaker than human oestrogen. Because the plant oestrogens have such a mild effect the side effects found with conventional HRT should be avoided. Coumestrol can be found in alfalfa and red clover and can be taken either as tea or sprouted. The seeds must be obtained from a reputable herbalist or health food shop.

Other good sources of natural oestrogens are soya beans, soya bean sprouts and crushed linseeds. To vary the diet try to include good helpings of apples, beets, cabbage, carrots, chickpeas, cucumbers, green beans, oats, olives, parsley, potatoes, rhubarb, rice, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. There are many others but those on this list should be readily available from high street shops.

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