To hell and back – Emma’s Story

My story starts 6 years ago. After I separated from my husband I got into a new relationship around 6 months later and found that due to my new partner being rather large in the trouser department that I had a sensitive cervix that bled every time I had intercourse.

Over the next 5 years I had colposcopy’s, loop excursions, cauterisation’s and even had the coil fitted that helped for a while but then the problems would start again. Eventually I told my specialist that he was going to give me a hysterectomy which I have now had and am 2 weeks post op.

BUT the op had not come without its complications. I had small internal bleed a day after the op that they told me would go away on its own as it had stopped. I then got discharged and at home rested for a mere 3 days to wake every morning with chest pain. Thinking it was a clot I got taken up to A&E.

I’ve just spent 5 days in hospital ruling out pneumonia and a blood clot. Finally they gave me some jolop to drink so I could have an abdomen ct scan, the results of that showed the blood from the bleed hadn’t been absorbed by the body like it should have done (I received antibiotics for this) but it also revealed suspected gallstones so I’ve to go for a ultrasound now that my doctor has had to organise.

The thing is, whilst in hospital the jolop I had to drink gave me the runs and if you’re loose for any reason they have to check your poop. So, a sample I did and to my horror it revealed I had thread worms. I now know that one of my lovely school age children have brought these ugly little bleeders into our home. So this is where I’m at right now. When I should be resting and barely doing a thing I’m having to implement a strict hygiene routine that I think is playing havoc with my healing.

Thank goodness for Diclofenac !!


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