Heavy Periods – Steph’s Story

After suffering from many painful mouth abscesses in January last year, my dentist suggested I get a blood test done as there was nothing wrong with my teeth and she couldn’t see a reason for them to keep re-occurring.

So off to the doctors I went and explained what my dentist had said. Two days after the blood test I received a call from my surgery saying the doctor wanted to see me urgently that day. He explained that my hemoglobin levels that should have been around 15 were in fact only 9.2

As I felt perfectly fine and he could find no reason for this low number he arranged for another test the following week. This time it had dropped to 8.2 in the space of 7 days, another one was done 4 days later and I was down to 7.0

Now concerned that I must have some sort of internal bleeding I was sent for an emergency blood transfusion. An ECG recorded that I was also tacio-cardic due to my low levels. I was booked in for cameras up and down and the results that came back showed I was wheat intolerant which came as a surprise.

During this time I was surprised at how ill I started to feel, I was constantly tired, had no appetite and lost nearly 2 stone over 3 months.

However after going on a wheat free diet my levels started to drop again. This time I was sent to see a gyneacologist, after my doctor decided to ask me about my periods.

I explained I’d have heavy periods and that they had been very heavy for around 6 months and usually lasted around 10 days, I hadn’t said anything before due to the fact I was approaching my 50th birthday and thought they were getting heavy due to me maybe approaching the menopause part of my life.

A vaginal scan and ultrasound scan revealed 5mth fibroids, hence I am now very nervously awaiting a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy with BSO on 25th march.

Find it hard to believe how fast it has all happened, being diagnosed, to operation date being just over 3 months.

The message here I think is, if your periods change from their normal form tell your doctor straight away. I was informed when I was at the hospital for my blood transfusion at the beginning of all this that if I hadn’t sort help the way my hemoglobin levels were dropping I was maybe 6 weeks away from a heart attack.

At least now I know heavy, long-lasting periods are not normal, it is a sign something is wrong.

Both my partner and myself have had a very traumatic 12 mths due to my health issues but now they are finaly being sorted we can look forward to a lovely period free future as my partner has already gone through the menopause, going to be great bypassing the sanitary isle at the local supermarket, LOL.


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