Healing – Deborah’s Story

I had my full hysterectomy and appendectomy 9 days ago. It was due to symptoms of bloating and ovarian pelvic pain, they had previously done a sonogram which revealed a cyst on my left ovary. I am 55 years old so not needing them I knew that they had to go and read up a lot online about having them removed and my appendix as there was pain there also 🙁

So, when I spoke to the Dr. we discussed about also taking out the uterus and cervix as they were no longer needed. I did ask her about losing sexual response and that concerned me. She assured me she disagreed with those who say that there would be a lack of sexual orgasm. And went into a little detail about it. I then went ahead with it, well she went in the belly button and also 2 incisions near the ovaries and then through the vagina to take the uterus out. They found the left ovary was black/necrosis and it had a cyst and the right fallopian tube had a cyst also and there was much scar tissue and my organs were stuck together inside which had to be unstuck.

I awakened after the surgery in severe pain and they had to knock me out. This happened 2x, and they ended up having to really monitor me for pain as the pain was in the lower back. My blood pressure dropped and was then low and I could not pass the gas. I stayed 2 nights in the hospital and was sleeping on and off more off than on. I have been home and am sore and so very tired.

But, I was concerned about the sexual response issue and even though my husband and I cannot consummate as it has to be 6 weeks, he kissed me passionately tonight and there was definitely a response there and I knew then that part of the sexual response factor is going to be if you are attracted to your mate. That is the first thing that must be there. Then when I realized the zing had not left, he also admitted to looking it up online himself to find out about it and found many that said it would not affect it but be better because of no worries about anything!! My main concern right now is healing as my age is a factor and there was much that was taken out.

But, to anyone who is contemplating a hysterectomy I would pray about it and make sure if its a go that you have time to heal, whether needing time off of work and someone who can help you get to and from the hospital and stay a couple of days till you can walk a little without straining getting up and down.


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