Goodbye My Lover! – Ruiz’s Hysterectomy Story

I always had pain with my periods. I started mine when I was 10. I had painful sex. I put up with it, even had problems having my children. But, at the age of 34, I began having a swollen stomach, became iron deficient and suffered shortness of breath.

I saw a doctor recommend by my obstetrician and he said that I had endometriosis and you have three kids do you want more? I didn’t, I was tired of hurting and he said OK, he’d just take out the uterus, one ovary and the cervix and all would be ok. The best was that the endometriosis would go away.

10/16/06 Was my surgery date and four days later I began to have severe back pain. coughing and sneezing would leak urine! He sent me back to work two weeks later and all of my stuff dropped. Yes bladder, bowels and vaginal cuff; it was a prolapse!

He checked me at six weeks and said all is OK! I told him my husband didn’t want sex any more and he said well you don’t have sex with the uterus! I told him I had no feeling and he said it was in my head!

My job fired me, and my husband wouldn’t speak to me. He acted like I didn’t deserve to breath! So in 2008 I had reconstructive surgery and my doctor told me never to lift over three pounds or stand longer than an hour! I haven’t worked in so long and thank God for my son who took care of me. He gave me my meds and encouraged me to stay strong. Not many 16 year old boys sleep on the floor by their mothers bed and run to get me water or what I needed!

I have a grandson now. He is 14 months old and it hurts so bad that I can’t pick him up, hold him or take him to the park! I lost a lot I loved my husband so much but he just turned his back on me and left!

Today I’m 41 years old and I suffer in so many ways. I cry a lot I’m so mad endometriosis doesn’t ever go away, but the doctor told me it would. He said it will all be no more!

Every day I deal with this fear that if my bladder, bowels or vaginal cuff comes down what do I do? I have no money; I lost my home, my job, my husband and a nurse said well we can always just sew you up just like we do with the old ladies!

I’m not old, I’m not a freak! I want so desperately to not have had this surgery. I have thyroid disease and now my skin is wrinkled and my breasts just went south! My big butt is a flat butt. I can’t take hormones, I have chest pain and red spots on my legs! All this for what? I lost a lot!


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