Getting my life back after a subtotal hysterectomy – Paula’s Story

I had a subtotal hysterectomy on 29th December 2011 and now have my life back. I have suffered with very heavy periods all my life but especially since I had my children.

My doctor was not very helpful and was quite rude about it happens to all women and there was nothing that could be done.

Last october I had to have a health check because I reached 45 years of age and was told to loose weight. I should go swimming as that was the most easiest way to loose it. After explaining to the nurse that I hadn’t been swimming since my last son was born over 18 years ago because of the problems that I had she was rather angry that I had done nothing about it.

She made me go see the new female doctor who arranged everything and now I have my life back and can do anything without worrying about periods and leakage.


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