Finally the pain has gone.. Karen’s Story

I was diagnosed at 29 with severe endometriosis. I was told if I had been 10 years older and had a family they would have done a hysterectomy then! Due to my age and having no family it was difficult to treat and over the years I had various non invasive treatments including seven laparoscopies, synarel, the pill, contraceptive injections, coil etc. I would get a few months relief then it would all return.

Over the past year my quality of life has been affected, almost constant pain affecting my day to day schedule including work, exercise etc. In October I went for my three monthly visit to the consultant and was given an ultimatum..continue with non invasive treatments for the next eight to ten years or have a hysterectomy!

It’s not the easiest decision I have had to make! I had a week to make my decision and armed with a list of questions I went to see consultant again. My decision…. to have a hysterectomy. I had lived with this horrible condition for twelve years and had enough!

So aged 41 without a family (there are other options) I had TAH/BSO in January. Despite a few initial problems post op and being re admitted to hospital, I am now just over five weeks post op and, whilst not fully recovered, I feel better now than I have done in years and know I have made the right decison. I am now looking forward to a healthy and pain free 2013.


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