Fibroids and Hysterectomy Recovery – Amanda’s Story

My fibroids and hysterectomy recovery story began on the 11 June 2013 when I had a fibroid the size of a 9 month pregnancy removed which is rare in white women along with a full hysterectomy. I had lost 7kilos after 4 days post op! My incision was vertical up to my belly button.

You may ask how I let the fibroid get so large! I just thought after the birth of my 12yr son I was gradually putting on weight. My stomach had never been checked with routine smears either. Before surgery I was very nervous. I had always been healthy.

I am now nearly 3 weeks post op and feeling really well in myself. I have started having some brown discharge which I will check with my GP if it is ok. My first straightening up and my first couple of steps was painful but it soon disappeared after a few trips to the toilet after my catheter was removed the following day.

I made sure I had laxative softeners as I was advised that this can create a problem. I did experience some trapped wind which was uncomfortable. It soon worked it self out with a bit of help. I only had strong painkillers for the first 2 days and then paracetamol for a couple more days.

Looking back it was so much easier and less painful than I had expected. For most of you do not worry it will be fine. The work is in recovery. Rest & walk a little. I hope my experience helps some of you 🙂


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