Feeling Positive After Hysterectomy – Helen’s Story

They say we all have a cross to bear, and mine has always been gynae issues. Dodgy smears as a teenager, the agony of endometriosis and finishing off with a fibroid, despite having a Mirena fitted to control the endometriosis (Mirenas are often the first line of defense to prevent a fibroid increasing in size).

I am 44, have never had kids and had a grapefruit sized fibroid. I opted to have a hysterectomy because my body had been through enough quick fix procedures. It was simply time to take control back of my own body.

Reading your stories has made me consider how negative our experiences can be but I wanted to express the positives to anyone about to go through this.

  1. Get your head straight. If you can confront the issues of losing your womb before the op you will find it easier to cope afterwards. I always wanted kids, but that is not what life had in store so I took time to prepare my mind. I concentrated on the positives of not having my own children, but being a great auntie to my friends’ kids.
  2. Talk to friends & family. I was literally astonished by the number of women who said having a hystectomy was the best thing they had ever done. Not having periods has been liberating for them and more importantly they have been pain free, often after years of suffering.
  3. Take it easy. I am 3 days post-op so I am still in bed, although how long a control-freak can put up with hubby doing the cleaning remains to be seen! However, I want this operation to be a long term success and fully intend to rest my body in order to achieve that goal. I have taken up knitting but you might like to learn a language while you have this rare excuse to put your feet up. Learning a new skill will enrich this time, even if I am still constipated, bloated and sore.

The pulsing pain that ran over my abdomen when the epidural wore off is now a distant memory (got to love that Tramadol). In no time at all I will forget I vomited when I tried to pee for the first time post op. I’m sure the first time my bowels (finally!) move will be a great relief. In the meantime I am looking forward to saying”my hysterectomy was the best thing I ever did!” Helen x


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Other people’s stories help women feel less isolated. They show that they aren’t going mad, missing the point or stupid.

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