Feeling 100% better already – Caroline’s Story

After becoming very anaemic and my GP being unable to stabilise my iron levels I was (strangely I thought at the time) referred me to a gynaecologist. After a scan and 2 consultations it was discovered I had fibroids.My consultant explained various options, stating that the very last resort would be a hysterectomy. Fine I thought get it sorted the easiest way possible. No, not me, after 2 failed procedures the consultant regrettably told me that the last resort was going to happen.

To say I was gutted is an understatement after all I’m only 48 years old. Six weeks later I was in hospital awaiting a full abdominal hysterectomy. On the day the consultant came with a colleague and said she had had another think and with the help of her colleague would attempt a laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH). By this point I just wanted it sorted so I could start my recovery and my new life.

It’s coming up for four weeks now since the op and having been sent home with just four small incisions and five stitches, rather apprehensively after 72hrs, I have to say I feel the best I have felt in a very long time.

It’s only now I realise just how much that little, well maybe not at 12cms, blighter causing my problems was dragging me down and making me not a very nice person to live with. I am so grateful to my partner for helping me through all this, although I am sure she is glad to be back in work this week, my consultant for managing the LAVH and my GP for doing his job properly and referring me in the 1st place.

I’m not one for hospitals and surgery, but for anyone out there with a ‘George’ as we affectionately called my fibroid, if a hysterectomy is your only option….. Go for it.

Think about how life is now and I can assure you, you will feel 100% better after. I might also add that 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy was a very useful book to read for myself and my partner. Although I discovered that the title should be changed to 102 Handy Hints ………. it makes a fab fan to battle the hot flushes that are attacking me with a vengeance, not great in this warm weather.


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