Fear of a hysterectomy – Marguerite’s Story

Hello, I am in my late 60s and have had a prolapse for four years. At first I had a pessary fitted which had to be changed and washed and then reinserted every six months.

It worked perfectly at first but my consultant said at some stage, she’d have to perform a hysterectomy. I thought why, when the pessary worked so well. However it began to cause problems recently as It rubbed against the womb causing a discharge. She said again that it was time for the op. but like many this fills me with fear. She said since I was past childbearing and had children then it was of no consequence. True, but I hate the thought.

I live on my own and fear I won’t manage. One son lives a way away and the other has a demanding partner. My girlfriends don’t live near.

I’m frightened of an infection. I’m frightened of the anaesthetic. I’m frightened of hospitals. My GP suggested I see a hypnotherapist. Has anyone else seen one for hospital phobias and can anyone suggest where to get help to overcome these fears. I realise I do have to have this op and I can’t put it off forever. Many thanks to all those whose stories I’ve read.


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