Endometriosis Awareness


Did you know that :

Firstly – Endometriosis is only possible to diagnose through surgery , some consultants are now using MRI scans but they are not as affective – even following surgery only 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed.  This doesn’t mean the other 2 don’t have endometriosis it just hides in obscure places it is the hardest disease to locate. In many ways I was one of the lucky ones – they found the main endo site in me.

Secondly – With each surgery (I have had 3) lesions are caused – the endometriosis attaches itself to these sites and causes even more discomfort for the sufferer.  Surgery is not always the best option,  there are many hormone treatments that are used.  Most of which I have tried over the past decade or so, the side affects are hideous and long term affects on the body are not completely understood.

Thirdly – the average wait for a woman to get diagnosis is 10 years,  for me it was 21.  Maybe if they had caught it early my outcome would have been different,  I don’t live in the past, and am starting to embrace my future,  but it would be a travesty if this diagnosis rate doesn’t change over the next decade. Endometriosis has stolen so much from our life.

Fourth – having your ovaries, and womb removed DOES NOT cure you of this disease,  for many ladies it does.  Yet for some Endometriosis continues to interfere with their lives , health professionals do not understand why.  It is highly likely that my endometriosis is re growing on my bowel,  my endo likes me too much to leave me alone.

Fifth – at least 1 in 10 women have Endometriosis,  its more common than breast cancer but its known as the silent disease.  Every woman I have spoken to has been told at some point by a Dr when discussing their problems with their body ‘you are a woman, you have to get on with it’

It is for these reasons that I have chosen to continue to raise awareness of this disease.

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