Emotional roller coaster of cervical cancer and hysterectomy – Christine’s story

I was diagnosed with cervical cancer after a smear test showed abnormal cells. At a young sixty year old this came as a complete shock! I have always been fit and well. After various tests I was graded at stage 1b and told I would need a radical hysterectomy followed by possibly chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

I think I went into complete denial, it didn’t feel real. In a matter of weeks from diagnosis to surgery it didn’t feel like it was happening!

I woke up from my op to find my expected keyhole surgery had not gone to plan. The initial camera incision had pierced my bowel. I ended up with a vertical incision from above my tummy button to my pubic area.

This has been a roller coaster ride for me, I had problems with my bladder meaning I went home with a catheter for two weeks, I’ve had a few complications with my bowel function, but my biopsies showed no spread of cancer !

Now I’m 4 weeks post op and I’m feeling good.

When I’m feeling a bit down about everything that’s happened my husband tells me “Hey you’re alive! That’s what matters!”

Life throws some awful things at us but I’ve seen ladies in a much worse condition to me and they’ve still got a smile on their face and a sense of humour. They have inspired me!

(Image by Paul Brennan from Pixabay)

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