Early diagnosis worked – Annette’s story

I was referred by my GP to the local Gynae clinic after another hospital picked up something after having a CT scan for an unrelated condition. I had a biopsy on Xmas Eve, diagnosis on 9/1/15 and into hospital on 2/2/15/ for a total hysterectomy.

I spent 5 days in hospital and was shocked on seeing the wound once the dressing was off. I felt i had been butchered. The local community nurse came in ten days post op to remove the clips. She noticed that the wound was infected and cleaned and dressed it.

I attended the Gynae clinic three days later, and a swab was taken. I had two infections and given two lots of antibiotics. Looking in a mirror my wound resembled a sharks mouth, a flap which was under my tummy fold. I was not happy with how it looked. I had to get a couple more days of antibiotics and felt pretty low.

It is now almost 5 weeks post op and I’m feeling a little easier, but the wound is still feeling a bit sticky on one side. Its appearance has improved but still very sore and tender. I suppose in time, that will ease off. I know though that its the inside that is going to take longer to heal, so won’t be doing my physical job for a while.


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