Don’t be scared of hysterectomy if you are really suffering – Jigna’s story

I am 36 years old now and I was diagnosed with 2nd degree uterine prolapse 2.5 yrs ago. The Dr suggested I try pelvic floor exercise to make my muscles strong to avoid surgery at very young age. (I had 2 kids with vaginal delivery), so I learned pelvic floor exercise from pelvic floor physiotherapist and tried for almost 10 months but didn’t get any improvement in the prolapse. It might have been because my tissues were damaged while delivering a baby.

I was so frustrated and having pelvic pain, and would feel so scared for standing, bending and walking. Also my bladder started to prolapse because the uterus was pushing it down. It was difficult to do household work, lifting groceries, doing the laundry all become a problem, I couldn’t do my job.

Than my gynaecologist suggested I try a ring support pessary. I wore it for 11 months. But after that it hurt me too badly and the pelvic pain started and my uterine prolapsed to 3rd degree. Intercourse was painful, I had lower back pain and would get tired even after standing for an hour. I had constipation and a frequent feeling of peeing. All my problems increased and I had to take pain killers every night.

I couldn’t enjoy my life at all, so finally I decided to go for hysterectomy at 36 years old. I was lucky I had a Dr who gave me the option of a vaginal hysterectomy (no abdominal cut) and a prolapse repair.

I had my hysterectomy almost 6 weeks ago and I was a little nervous about the surgery. After surgery I read many stories online of post op women’s personal experience. But I can say from my own experience it’s not so easy and quick to recover from hysterectomy. I think its good to take more rest for at least 6-8 weeks. I read online that women can walk 30 mins continuously at the end of 6 weeks, but I am at the end of 6 weeks still can only walk for 5-7 mins.

I have now started a little work in the kitchen in morning for an hour and for an hour in evening. I can climb the stairs only twice a day (morning and evening). I can’t sit for more than half an hour continuously. And I still need my OTC pain medication 3 times a day and I’m still having pain when sleep on right or left side and I don’t have much stamina like I was normally. But, I’m feeling much relief from the sagging uterus. So far, I don’t miss my uterus.

I suggest anyone who has a hysterectomy must take rest completely for first 3 weeks. Try to stay on same floor, just every one or two hours take short walks to washroom, eat healthily and reduce fat. And watch TV to pass the time, and don’t forget to take your medication on time.

At week 4-5 you can try slowly adding one thing in a day like try the house stairs slowly once a day and make tea. If you are still tired, wait 1-2 days and try again. At 6 weeks you might be able to do some work. Personally, I feel rest is better than re-surgery. I still don’t bend, I’m not lifting any weight more than 2lb, and I’m taking stool softener to avoid constipation. I will know how I’m progressing when meet my Dr for my post 6 weeks check up.

If you are going to have hysterectomy don’t be scared, stay positive and if you’ve already had a hysterectomy hope you won’t get anymore trouble.

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