Day by day post TAH – Francesca’s story

Hi ladies, I wrote an earlier blog on my experiences before my hysterectomy and why I felt that for me the operation was a must for my health. I’ve read so many of your stories and views and wanted to follow up with what I felt too when the big day finally came!

First of all anxiety was extreme, I trawled the internet for weeks even months before the op looking up every single question that arose in my mind, I was at my wits end. I’d chosen to have the operation because I was so tired and drained physically and emotionally, but it still didn’t give me confidence whenever I thought about being on the operating table. The last week arrived and I tried my best to not think about it. I didn’t want to stew on it and make myself too anxious that I wouldn’t go through with it. Then the night before I was flapping, didn’t sleep a wink, having hot sweats and I kept thinking “What if I die?” Then a thought occurred to me.. I am in control! this is something that I need, my body needs, I can choose to cancel and suffer, or go through with it whatever the consequences. That definitely gave me relief.

The morning of the op I travelled to the hospital, which is about 20 miles away from me, and even though I was still anxious I remained positive that It’s still my choice! I was virtually under the anaesthetic 2 hours after I arrived. They must of started the patient controlled morphine before I awoke because when I did…I felt like I couldn’t focus my vision, normally I don’t have that with general anaesthesia. They transferred me to my room straight away where my mother had been waiting. Nurses were in and out probably every 15 minutes throughout the rest of that night. I didn’t feel pain as they managed it very well, but I wasn’t sleeping either because of the reaction to the morphine which had to be stopped. Instead I was taking paracetamol via IV, fluids via IV, had my catheter and drainage tubes in which I didn’t feel at all, and the leg compressions which gave me a strange but nice calf massage lol.

The next morning was pretty much the same, no pain and if I did it was very minimal! Still wasn’t completely with it but at least I was eating and alive!!

Day 2 after operation day – I had my tubes out, and feeling like I had eaten a banquet as they certainly made sure you were well fed and watered the whole time. I was allowed to go home that day 🙂 Meds were given to me, physiotherapist advised me of gentle exercises I’d need to do, those including pelvic floor. The car journey back wasn’t as bad as I was expecting lol had my pillow covering my belly under the seatbelt and was drifting off with the droning of the tyres on the dual carriageway. As soon as I got back home I went straight to bed, I was tired but not feeling ill.

Day 3 – I was surprised by how much better I was feeling, still had the tugging in my belly when I stood up but I was happy I went through with it. It’s uncomfortable inside but not excruciating, hadn’t been to the toilet yet by this point so was feeling bloated too from that, but all was well. I am walking in short bursts. Walking to the toilet and back, then sitting and resting for the same amount of time. Nothing longer than a minute or two at a time and definitely not lifting anything but my leg to put my knickers on lol

Day 4 – Same as yesterday, nothing terrible, no sickness or nausea, no extreme pain but going to the toilet was very difficult. I’ve been given Fybogel which is not suitable for me and bulked my stools out too much. It resulted in a mass that I couldn’t pass, and I was stuck for a couple of hours with that bearing down feeling. It was easily fixed though by having a dulcolax tablet.

Day 5 – A little bit of a tingling around the incision site, but I can see it’s healing well. I’m not trying to get it sopping wet so I’m having showers, and making sure they’re quick so that I’m not standing for too long. Pain wise, It’s getting better! still niggly and a little achy, but keep taking painkillers. Stitches out in a couple of days. One thing that I’m good at is listening to my body, and that is certainly what you’ll be needing to do every minute. If I’m walking a little bit too long the dragging, pulling sensation gets stronger so I know then to sit for a bit.

So that’s it folks… hope this helps some, wishing you do well with your recovery and take the very best care…because remember you are loved xx


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