Day 3 After Hysterectomy – Natalie’s Story

I am now day three after my hysterectomy and wanted to share my story. I have suffered with heavy, painful periods due to endometriosis since I was in my late teens. That coupled with 6 ovarian cysts over the years meant many laparoscopic procedures in a bid to remedy both the cyst and endometriosis symptoms. In December 2009 aged just 29 I had microwave ablation treatment and sterilisation with the hope of finally reducing my pain and heavy bleeding which was making normal life difficult.

The ablation helped for a short time by reducing the flow of my period however things slowly returned to normal over the next few years and much to my disappointment worsened. Having consulted my gynaecologist once again my only remaining option was to have a hysterectomy. I struggled with this news as I am only 34 and having such a major decision hanging over me weighed heavily for a number of months along with the choices which accompanied such a decision (i.e. removal of my cervix, ovaries, or keep them etc etc).

Having spent many weeks researching my options I finally settled on a sub total laparoscopic hysterectomy which was carried out just 3 days ago. When the day of my surgery arrived I was absolutely terrified and swung from anticipation of a life without heavy painful bleeding to feeling sad at what I was facing at a relatively young age. I had read so many horrific stories of women having a hysterectomy and the pain and suffering afterwards that I just didn’t know what to expect when I woke up.

After 2 and a half hours in surgery I came round in the recovery room in a fair bit of pain which was quickly resolved with strong pain medication. I spend the next few hours asleep and awoke the next morning feeling surprising well. Tummy was very swollen and tender however after the removal of my catheter I was able to get myself out of bed and showered, and even managed a walk around the ward. I was discharged from the hospital less than 24 hours after my surgery and have continued my recovery at home.

As I write this I am currently 57 hours post surgery and whilst my tummy is still extremely tender, swollen and very bruised I feel remarkably well within myself and am managing the pain with only paracetamol. I am able to walk around the house (albeit slowly!) and need only a small nap during the day which I suspect is more to do with the anaesthetic still being in my system. I live alone with my daughter (6) and with plenty of planning, good friends and bulk freezing this hasn’t been a problem.

Whilst I recognise I still have some way to go on my recovery I wanted to share a positive hysterectomy surgery experience as most of what I read before my operation scared me senseless some days!

I wish all ladies facing this decision the strength and determination to get them through the tough months ahead and I hope your experience finally frees you from the reasons you arrived here.


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