Da Vinci hysterectomy for fibroids – TJ’s Story

I have had heavy periods for the last 6 years. The last two years the bleeding became heavier and the pain far worse. I went to my GP again 2 years ago after losing so much blood in all one go with huge clots. An ultrasound scan revealed a large fibroid 8 x 5 cm. My GP at that time ordered a CA125 test which was 63. The gynaecologist recommended in 3 mins that I required a total hysterectomy with removal of the right ovary. Due to a large ovarian cyst the previous year found accidentally with ultrasound scan x 10 cm that they were going to remove but it burst. I was horrified. I had not expected to be told as coldly as I was. There was no discussion. No choice. Just a take it or leave it attitude.

After much deliberation and background feelings I decided to seek a second opinion. I went to see a consultant in Chelmsford who suggested to try a mirena coil in the hope of controlling the bleeding and pain. He said it may stop my periods all together. An MRI scan confirmed a fibroid of 9cm x 5cm. I had a general anaesthetic to insert the mirena. Unfortunately my symptoms failed to ease. The pain became worse. I bleed for 2 weeks, continued to lose lots of blood. I would then spot and loose strange discharge for another two weeks. The consultant advised I waited to see the outcome at least for 6 months. During the six month wait my periods remained at 28 days. Sometimes light sometimes very heavy with clots. Always painful, like labour pains. My GP continued to check my Ca125 which was now raised to 132. But I was told it was not an indication of cancer. I was told it was a positive negative test i.e. just an indication of inflammation. I couldn’t take any more so made a choice to look into hysterectomy.

It wasn’t great. I was self employed. I began to look at the best way to avoid lots of time from work. We sought help from a top surgeon at Harley Street. The Second MRI scan diagnosed no fibroids but a 13 x 8 cm uterus and diagnosis of adenomyosis with small 1 1/2 cm fibroid. I was told that If I had a robotic assisted total vaginal hysterectomy I could return to my heavy job (physio) 2 weeks later. Not sure if this will be true. Seems a little over optimistic to me. We shall see.

Two days ago ( 29/01/15) I had Da Vinci assisted vaginal hysterectomy. I’m sore to say the least. I’m home, walking short amounts. Have abdominal gas, constipation and a burning sensation from the 5 wounds in my abdomen. Just wondering if anyone else has undergone the same or similar surgery?


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