Constipation and my intestines after TAH/BSO – Gretchen’s Story

I had a TAH/BSO in June of 2012 after findings of precancerous cells of the uterus. The surgery went well and minimal pain afterwards. The feeling of my insides “sloshing around” in my abdomen wasn’t something I expected. I had a vertical abdominal incision and since the surgery the abdomen to the right of the incision has been a protrusion, as if my intestines had settled into a ball, in that area.

I found out by requesting a copy of the surgery that the sponge count was off and an x-ray was called to help locate the sponge in the left lower abdomen. I keep thinking that they were in a hurry to stitch me up and my intestines couldn’t settle into my abdomen easily as they might have been blocked a little by stitching me up.

I don’t believe this is a hernia as it was there from day 1. Constipation is an issue since the surgery with me having to take 2 stool softeners twice a day and 3 Senna tabs in the morning and 2 at night for four months post op. I had weaned myself down to taking 2 stool softeners twice a day and 2 Senna at night and after a couple more months just took the stool softeners 2 twice a day.

At this time, 2 years after surgery I find I must occasionally take 2 Senna at night along with the stool softeners as mentioned taking daily and my movements are as before I had the surgery. I just feel something is amiss. The doctors don’t seem to think anything of this.


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