Cecil the Cysts – Ali’s Hysterectomy Story

My name is Ali and I had my abdominal hysterectomy on 4.10.12. I was in terrible pain for several months due to these rather large cysts which took over my ovaries. They had been growing for many years apparently but I didn’t know.

The surgeon told me that he suspected I had cancer somewhere and that I would need to have everything including my lymph glands in my tummy removed. When it came to the operation I didn’t need the glands removed but when I woke up I was in searing pain and this continued until I got on to the ward.

My brother works at the hospital and had arrange for me to have my own nurse in until I went up to the ward which really helped. She stayed with me and made sure that the pain relief was enough.

I had various tubes in and out of my body and ended up staying in hospital until the Saturday of that week. I came home with a water infection so had to have antibiotics for that and ended up on them for a month!!

The whole process was very fast due the suspect blood test at the beginning but the staff and consultants at the hospital were amazing and I felt very well looked after. I wrote to the head of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals to say how pleased we all were with the care.

I would say that although some days I wake up and feel rough, I am glad that I had it done and I know that it probably saved my life. The recovery is slow but you have to take your time and listen to what you are told by the consultants. I am looking forward to losing the sweats though!!


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