Can’t wait bye bye good riddance. I think? – Jenny’s story

I started my periods at 10 yrs old. Always had issues periods making me bed ridden. Diagnosed polycystic ovaries. Lost 10 babies but I have a 23 year old and 12 year old biological children. My miracles. Both natural conceptions and born. But horrendous carrying them. That’s a different story.

I’ve had endometriosis for 20 yrs. Had Zoladex nasal spray first 2 treatments lasted 5 years each no endometriosis symptoms fantastic. Last treatment lasted 3 years. Forgot to say had Mirena coil before the spray but it didn’t agree with me I had to have that removed after 1 yrs. Bad reaction I then had a yr Zoladex implant. OMG, it nearly killed me. I’m the only person that has had a major reaction to it and I had a hole in my stomach due to it. The people who make it have me on their records. It was nasty.

I then was given the 28 day one this seems OK. I have been on it now for 2 years and now it’s not working as well. I’m a carer for hubby and daughter so I haven’t been able to have or even think about a hysterectomy. I now have no option and have given hospital dates when I can get cover for daughter and hubby. They seem to agree and have given me a two week slot. Waiting to be confirmed which week.

Endometriosis is on my bowel bladder and lungs. But being a carer I’m going to struggle not doing anything for 3-6 weeks plus. But I have no choice now. Hubby doesn’t seem to.understand how severe this is. I’m trying to prepare etc but as he has had a lot of ops and hospital admittance he thinks I’m being OTT and I need to be more positive. But that’s not the case. I’m desperate to have this done but dreading it.

Hubby has back issues diabetes and last stage in ulcerated colitis and my 12 year old daughter has mental health issues. To of we have a 30 kgs dog that’s scared of everything. Hubby is self employed even with all his medical problems. He has been told to stop work but we can’t afford it and he is to proud and he wont stop work. So that’s my life. Sorry to bore you. My mum and dad will have our daughter for a week.

Then if I get the date I’ve told hospital the second week is half term so it will be easier for me. Then my mum and dad will have Chloe back. I’m hoping laparoscopy but due to endometriosis I’ve had to allow them if they have to to do a proper hysterectomy cut. I will be having everything out as it is. The full wack. Good riddance. I’ve read some of the posts and it has helped me . But also worry.

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