This is how it began – Dawn’s Story

It stated back in 2006. I had sterilisation reversal, I got pregnant but then miscarried after 6 weeks. My whole life collapsed, I felt a failure, felt what had I done wrong to deserve this, but then had to think mother nature had blessed me with 5 healthy children, but unfortunately wasn’t to the man of my dreams. I then carried on bleeding and in pain, had a few ops in the year, but then had to opt for full abdo hysterectomy. My whole life collapsed. I felt I was a failure, because I couldn’t give the man of my dreams the baby I’d longed for. It hurt so much.

But then I had to think of my future. To stop the pain I was going through every month, I’d tried hormone implants but nowt worked, so my only option was a full abdominal hysterectomy. I went in on the day feeling positive; but when I woke head was all over the place

I was convinced I’d given birth and my husband had took the baby until reality kicked in and I remembered that actually I’d had a hysterectomy. I felt empty, alone and arguing with myself about why I’d the op because surely I could have dealt with the pain and maybe I could have had another child to heal the pain I was feeling.

But when I think of reality, I think there’s no way I could have had a child with my condition, it had gone to far. My organs had failed, they were damaged, out of my control. I just have to realise that mother nature my have taken mine and my husband’s child but she also gave me me and my husband 5 children. My husband’s not just my lover, he’s my best friend and someone who understands what I’m going through; that’s why I love him xxx


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