Alternative treatment for endometriosis

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Effectiveness) have issued guidance on the latest treatment for endometriosis, which is laparoscopic helium plasma coagulation.

NICE has decided that, if a doctor wants to carry out laparoscopic helium plasma coagulation, he or she should make sure that the patient understands what is involved and that there are still uncertainties over how well it works. There should be special arrangements in place so that the patient only agrees (consents) to the procedure after this discussion has taken place.

NICE has pointed out that clinicians who carry out laparoscopic helium plasma coagulation should have adequate training before performing the procedure.   NICE has said that further information on how well laparoscopic helium plasma coagulation works will be helpful. NICE may look at this procedure again if more information becomes available.

You can find out more about the procedure and the NICE guidance at

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