A year without a uterus – Saizo’s story

I went for visual inspection of the cervix on the 10th of April 2013; since this was a free service and being a nurse I had better chances of being screened for cervical cancer by my colleagues. The nurse gave me the positive results and we awaited the arrival of the Doctor to confirm the diagnosis. However the Dr said it was probably an infection and I was given some painkillers and had a follow up VIAC done; after taking the antibiotics which was clear.

I had a pap smear which showed some pre-cancerous cells. I then consulted the gynaecologist who advised on a biopsy and freezing of the cells (cryotherapy). I was scared of the procedure therefore I did not go for the appointment.

I had a repeat smear in April 2014, it came back positive for cancer. I visited the gynae again who explained to me that a hysterectomy was the best treatment choice. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy (retained the ovaries) on the 23 May 2014.

The pain from the surgey was not very bad but I experienced more pains with the wind, my tummy was bloated, I felt so depressed that I had lost a part of me.

I thought everybody knew that I had lost my uterus. Therefore I spent most of my time indoors, exercised a little could not walk more than 200 metres a day fearing I would meet people.

2 weeks later the results came from the pathologist and they showed I had Stage 1 cancer of the cervix, to say I was devastated is an understatement I cried through and through. Had to undergo some counselling sessions. I had a follow up vault smear after 6 months which was negative, thank God. Now am awaiting for the results of the 2nd smear after a year.

I feel good I’m not on any HRT, but have been experiencing hot flushes and am struggling with weight gain. I used to weigh 86 kg before op now I weigh 100kg; I am 175 cm tall. My husband is very supportive.

Deciding to have a hysterectomy was one of the toughest decisions I have made; but I am happy I did because I am asking myself what could have become of me?? I live in a resource constrained country.


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