A two year ablation nightmare – Kathi’s story

Hello everyone my name is Kathi. Although my hysterectomy is not scheduled until May 26, 2015 I wanted to share my journey with you in hopes of helping others.

In April 2014 I had an endometrial ablation done (NovaSure). It was the most horrific pain I had ever experienced. Two days after the ablation my husband rushed me to the hospital with a 104 temp and labor like pains. I was admitted and told the gyn would be giving me antibiotics intravenously. It never happened instead I was given pain meds all day and night. I was released the following day with the doctor giving no explanation for the fever and pain. I returned that evening with the same symptoms admitted again with the same care. I was again released the following day and my primary doctor scheduled an appointment with a different gyn. By the time I reached his office my fever had spiked again and I could barely walk from the pain with an added symptom of a black thick discharge. He diagnosed me with a severe uterine infection and prescribed 3 antibiotics. A week later I was feeling a little better but the discharge continued and the pain. My new gyn wanted to wait 3 months before proceeding with a hysterectomy. Unfortunately my body had plans to put this on hold for a year.

In June 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and 2 weeks later they removed questionable chest tissue and 9 lymph nodes. I then completed treatments in February 2015.

I continued to have pain and a black discharge for the year. I noticed my ankles, legs, knees and feet swelling. My stomach looked like I was 6 months pregnant. My weight rose 20lbs even though I go to the gym daily. My primary doctor put me on 2 different water pills but could not figure out why I continued to bloat.

To make an even longer story short :-). I recently saw my gynae. It turns out that I have severe scar tissue inside my uterus so bad that my cervix is almost closed. This is the reason for the black discharge. I have a lot of blood trapped inside my uterus and tubes. Not to mention endometriosis. The bloating and swelling in my limbs is due to my body continually trying to have a period with no where for the fluid or lining of the uterus to go. My doctor said I was absolutely not a candidate for the ablation due to several C-sections and fibroids.

I have to have a full abdominal hysterectomy. I am scared to death of the surgery as the gyn states it will be very complicated. I may require bladder and bowel repair. But, I feel blessed that I am alive and able to share my story to help others. It has been a long, painful journey. I’m looking forward to regaining myself back. God bless you all.


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