A Total Hysterectomy – a fabulous drama three weeks in running! – Dierdra’s Story

On February 27 I partook in the drama of A Total Hysterectomy, playing the part of the patient who supplied the uterus, cervix and a couple of sizable tumors, that were amorously attached to the aforementioned body parts. I was fortunate to be in a location where a robot was available to assist the able bodied oncologist Dr. Wong, whom I hired to play the part of the doctor. The robot was played by none other then DaVinci, a great mind whom I have always admired from afar, and who rounded out this stellar cast. The alchemy of this cast carried the entire production to a very successful end.

Today, almost three weeks out from this performance, I am a veritable DaVinci Poster Child! I sport two lovely, giant ‘snake bite’ marks, puncture wounds paired approximately six inches apart on either side of my waist, a lasting badge for my part in this production. I am happy beyond happiness for the relief of pain that my body has experienced since accepting its role in A Total Hysterectomy. (Plus I got a bonus piercing in my belly button to boot! Lucky me!)

The hardest part of the entire experience is not being able to jump for joy till the 10-week moratorium on ‘freedom of body use’ is lifted. Ten weeks of restraint is not too bad for a lifetime of relief and knowing that cancer is not part of my present reality! I will have plenty of days to come to return to a maniac -mountain biking, body-working yoga woman, and ‘oh yes’ my return to SEX.

Before our theatrical production I took the time to honor the sacrifice that my body would make in accepting the award-winning role of hysterectomy recipient. I created a fire-ceremony the night before the ‘opening production’ in which I expressed my gratitude for all that my uterus and cervix gave me though out my 47 years of life. (In existence at this time, there are three “dierdra-spawn” roaming this earth to prove the commitment of the sacrificed body parts to their own beautiful nature!)

Changes are always a bit nerve wracking. My success counted on a part of me to choose to die that I might continue on for whatever years of life are yet to be given to me. As a widow and just as a part of humanity in general, I have learned that whenever there is death, life pumps in a large dose of regenerative energy for those brave enough to stick it through to the other side. I could never say “ Thank You” enough to the Great Cervix and Uterus! (Think Great Pumpkin here!) Every mammal we can think of has passed through you!

In closing I would also like to thank all those around me who made this possible: my beautiful spawn, my fire-keeper and love –Bill, and the countless others who embodied love for me. As I enter back into my vocation of choice, I am sure the lessons learned during the production of A Total Hysterectomy will leak their way into my paintings. Time will tell…for time cannot keep a secret very well!

In Gratitude, Love and Happiness….Dierdra


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