A positive fibroids story – Beverley’s story

I have to say it is the best thing I have had done.  I was becoming irregular and my GP said it was my age at 47 and to be expected.  However I never had a period for 4 months leading up to my wedding and for a month after, he said this was stress (even though I did not feel stressed at all).

However every time I flew I would have my period and it would be really heavy and I was flying quite frequently long haul.    This happened in May and it was an absolute nightmare on the plane.  In August I had a period which was fine but then a week later got on the plane only for the same thing to happen and it lasted for 3 weeks, it then stopped for 1 week only to return the day before I flew again.  I made an appointment at the GP’s and again gave me a leaflet on the menopause and some tablets to stop it being so heavy.  He was training and he did not even look at my stomach, which was quite large and bloated, and I only have a small frame.  I was really upset when I came out, as nothing was resolved.

I then visited my husband as he lives abroad and it still had not stopped so I visited a private GP and she suggested I see a gynecologist as all ladies have a gynecologist here and see once a year as a regular appointment.  I went to see this wonderful lady and she said she would examine me.  She said as soon as she saw me she could tell my stomach looked too large and did an ultrasound which found that my uterus was the same size as being 5 months pregnant and I had two fibroids the size of golf balls.  I was so relieved and she said I had two options – one to have the coil fitted but under a general anesthetic as it would be painful otherwise to manipulate the fibroids.  We could try otherwise it would be a hysterectomy.

I went home and thought about it then spoke to her again and she said there is not guarantee that the coil would work and then the only option would be the hysterectomy.  After talking it through again with my husband I booked in for the total hysterectomy on 24 November 2014.  She said that if the ovaries looked ok she would leave them in which she did.

I was really nervous as never had a major operation or been in hospital before but I arrived at 6am and was in theatre at 7:30am.  They had to give me a drug as my heart was racing with nerves.

On day one there was some surgical pain but the drugs soon got rid of the pain. They also found a polyp hiding behind on of the fibroids. On the second day I was up and out of bed – it did take some time to get out of bed, walk to the toilet, come back only to find I needed to go again and I did feel tired after all the drips etc were taken out.  The next day I was walking upright and went to meet my husband at the entrance. I came home on day 4 and took it easy, sleeping and doing gentle walking.  I had slight nerve pain under the scar but I have to say on my 10-day check they said you look so well – are you the same person who had the operation last week!  I felt a million dollars.  It is now 18 weeks and I am back at the gym and doing all the stuff I used to do even have been on a very bumpy safari four times (which was only 8 weeks afterwards).

They said that my recovery was remarkable, but what helped was being fit and healthy and a positive attitude before having the operation.

It is so nice now to wear white whenever I want, and not have to worry.  I have no pain and the scar has healed well.  It was the best thing I have had done and was not as bad as I had read and thought and I would recommend.


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