A New Life After Adenomyosis – Donna’s Story

I had a total hysterectomy cut through my stomach last year and to be totally honest I was terrified. I had heard so many bad things that could go wrong and kept putting it off.

My problems began nearly 15 yrs ago after I was sterilised. My periods became heavy and just seemed to get worse every month. However you just put up with things especially with two young children. After three years I went to my GP who referred me. I was put on the mirena coil but it took a 18 months to work and then after three years my body rejected it.

My only option was to have a hysterectomy, but I declined as my children were still really little. So after many pills I was ok for quite a few yrs.

Five years ago pain struck and, although the pill was keeping me from bleeding, I was having a cycle and the pain sent me to bed every few weeks. I have never experienced pain like it, pain in my lower stomach, back and my legs.

When I lost my dad three years ago the pain got worse, and my husband pushed for me to be referred again.

My consultant thought I had adenomyosis but couldn’t diagnose until everything was taken away so there was a chance I could of had the op and still had the problem. So, in Feb last yr I went for it as I couldn’t carry on with the pain anymore.

I haven’t looked back, no pain and I have life back. I had no complications and sailed through the recovery. When I went for my six week check-up I was told that yes I did had adenomyosis and was totally relieved. My only concern was that I wish I had done it 10 yrs ago. I was 42 when I had it done so am now on HRT and have had no problems. I hope all my problems are over once and for all.


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