A Diva’s Guide to the Menopause

About four years ago I sat down to write my first novel – I had the perfect title, ‘A Diva’s Guide to the Menopause’.  I completed the first chapter very quickly – in fact you could say it was almost too quick because I assumed that the rest of the novel would come as quickly. It didn’t.In the end, last year I was packed off to a silent retreat with my laptop and the precious chapter with the instructions – “finish the book or don’t finish the book, but stop going on about it”.

With no internet connection and only the Atlantic sitting opposite me, I had no choice but to sit and write and I actually wrote 40,000 words but of a completely different novel. I realised that my original was in fact a short story – it had a beginning, a middle and an end and worked just find as a single chapter.

I have debated long and hard about whether to introduce it to the Hysterectomy Association and it has been available on the Amazon Kindle for several months whilst I dithered – but in the end I decided to make it available on the shop for the princely sum of 99p as a fund raiser for the association.

If you would like to buy a copy for yourself – it is a download so you will have to print it out – you can do so by heading over to Amazon and A Diva’s Guide to the Menopause.

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