5 weeks after hysterectomy – my story

Hi – I’m 52 and last October during my usual run along the river, I experienced severe pelvic pain. To cut a long story short, two cysts were found, one on each ovary. I was advised by two consultants to have a hysterectomy as the larger of the cysts contained a mass, which combined with high levels in the CA125 bloods taken, indicated a possibility of ovarian cancer. However, these CA125 levels kept changing and both consultants were of the opinion that I probably had endometriosis, but because of the question mark over the levels, they would continue as though I had ovarian cancer. It was decided that I should have a full abdominal hysterectomy.

The 11 December (day of the surgery) came around really quickly, and boy, was I petrified ! However, an hour and a half later it was all over. As I was in recovery, the consultant told me that all indications were that it was endometriosis. I was however, shocked at how big the incision was ! Obviously that was one thing I didn’t ask about ! Six days after the surgery, I was given the news by my consultant that everything was clear and the diagnosis was endometriosis. They had found abnormal cells in the mass which had the potential to change into cancerous cells, so all in all, the right decisions were made !

My recovery has been pretty plain sailing, and I have had lots of help from my husband who has come into his own and has been very vigilant in making sure I don’t do too much. I had constipation but found pears, oranges and peppermint and liquorice tea (not all at once I might add !) to help with that. I had a little blood for a couple of days at the end of passing urine, but lots of water and cranberry juice soon cleared it up.

I am doing bits and bobs around the house, although too much and my stomach gets a little swollen, but reading on this website, this doesn’t seem uncommon. My main problem has been the boredom of not being as active as I used to be ! I’m also suffering from night sweats, and a little hot flush during the day every now and then. However, I think I’ll try and manage this without going on HRT for the moment.

As this all happened really quickly, I’m not sure if I’ve quite got my head around what I’ve actually gone through !

I have found this website extremely helpful – especially other peoples’ stories. If I get a twinge, or something doesn’t feel right, I just come onto this site, and find that usually someone else has experienced that same.

I’m now looking forward to driving again !


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