2 Weeks After Hysterectomy and Appendectomy – Lynne’s Story

Hi. It’s just over 2 weeks since I had a full hysterectomy and appendectomy where they also took my appendix out. I was not bleeding after the op but have now started to bleed nothing to worry about the doc says.

They removed my staples before leaving hospital and they also leaked for a few days but it has settled down now. I spent 5 days in hospital I was extremely sick and knew it was the pain killers that was causing it had a hard time convincing the nursing staff that I did not want any more pain relief one nurse said “you will not get a medal for this” I explained I could work through the pain but not the sickness. After I stopped the pain killers I was fine although sore. So my advice is you know your own body so go with what you feel is right.

I was a very active person before the op so finding it hard trying to taking things easy. I am improving each day although still feel very tired. The op went well however they have now discovered that I have a tumor on my stomach just wondered if anyone has had this. Anyway, taking each day at a time increasing my walking each day but think it will be a while before I will be running again.

Update: 11 July 2014

I last wrote a blog on the 7th of July 2 weeks after my hysterectomy when I was still suffering a lot of pain and bleeding.

Now nearly 6 wks on I walked a 10k yesterday in all the wind and rain. This is our local event on the lovely Island of Mull and I would normally run it , so was feeling disappointed at not being able to take part especially as I had done a lot of training prior to my op. However decided to walk it and got extremely wet and cold but managed to complete it.

Due for my 6wks check up on Thursday so hope I will be able to start running soon will listen to the advice the doctor gives.

So to everyone who has just go through a hysterectomy and think you will never feel human again there is light at the end of the tunnel I felt exactly the same . Last year I won a trophy for the race this year I just managed to finish it but felt a sense of achievement as three weeks ago I go hardly move , never mind walk a 10k.


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