Gone are the days when menopause was referred to quietly as “the change.” Today, women are taking charge by managing their symptoms so they can feel like themselves again.

Common symptoms associated with menopause, from hot flashes and irritability to trouble sleeping at night, are different for every woman and can range from mild to severe. With so many women concerned about recent news on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatments, they are looking for natural options to relieve everyday symptoms.

From dietary to lifestyle changes, Menopace – the UK’s number one brand in the natural supplements category for menopause, offers simple ways to manage the symptoms of menopause:

Managing your Moods – Mood swings can be unpredictable and stressful. If the slightest request from your husband or best friend sends you over the edge, it may be an early sign of menopause. While irritability is not a direct symptom of menopause, there are many factors such as stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal fluctuations that can lead to changes in behaviour during this time. Some simple methods that will alleviate emotional symptoms include regular exercise, relaxation techniques, stretching or just simply talking to friends and family.

Beat the Heat — Hot flushes are one of the most common complaints of women entering menopause. If you have had one there is no mistaking it – the intense feeling of heat in the upper body followed by hot sweats and heart palpitations. While there is no one remedy that eliminates hot flushes there are plenty to ease the symptoms. Certain common triggers that might set off a hot flush such as alcohol, spicy foods, caffeine, and smoking should be eliminated and you should take steps to reduce stress. Other lifestyle changes such as taking Estroven, an herbal supplement with a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients including soy and black cohosh, can also help ease the severity of a hot flash attack.

Feeling sexy again — While menopause marks the end of a woman’s reproductive cycle, it does not signify the end of her sexuality. To soothe the vaginal dryness and itching that comes with menopause, women can use a vaginal moisturiser as well as an intimate lubricant during intercourse to help replenish the body’s natural moisture. In addition, communication is one of the most important factors in keeping your sex life alive. While your body may be going through some changes, you will never outgrow your need for affection and emotional closeness. Speaking openly and honestly with your significant other is key to bringing back that loving feeling.

Menopause is a huge transitional stage in a woman’s life and fortunately, there are now natural supplements that offer significant relief, that, when combined with lifestyle and dietary changes can help the body maintain a state of balance. For more information on natural options for addressing the symptoms of menopause, visit www.estroven.com.

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