Prolapse is an Ongoing Issue – Susan’s Story

I am 64 and had a hysterectomy about 3 months ago: I am surprised how long it has taken me to to feel ‘fully myself’ and after a bout of crying with disappointment at the length of time it was taking me to get back to my ‘old self’ I found your website: it was brilliant. I simply stopped and have taken a ‘day off’ from yoga, swimming, walking.

All these stories of being ‘back to normal’ after 3 weeks just put me under pressure to be as I was before.

However I have been dismayed to find out that the need for my hysterectomy – prolapse – has not been cured but is an on-going problem which is something I shall have to take into consideration for always. (I thought it was due to a difficult birth.).

As the consultant said I have now been identified as a woman with poor quality collagen and it is inherited. ( My Mother had Rickets and I wonder if there is a connection?) According to a physio we are born with the level of collagen that we have and nothing we can do can change that level. One indication apparently of poor collagen is few stretch marks in pregnancy. This has only been ‘discovered’ in the last few years.

What has been recommended is core muscle exercises – so I am off to start Pilates this week. I have not seen this discussed in your website and I hope this adds to the information.


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