The post hysterectomy home remedy kit – by Alison

I do not wish to share my hysterectomy story, pre-op or the op itself, as all was very straightforward by all accounts. However I do want to share my post hysterectomy home remedy kit, this is a selection of the things I found invaluable during the initial post-op recovery in hospital, and in the following weeks at home.

I was faced with nausea, then vomiting the morning after my general anaesthetic, and found extra strong peppermints were the best remedy for this, along with peppermint tea, once I could stomach fluids. My appetite was much reduced and I could only face very bland food for the first week after my procedure.

As with most others, the effects of anaesthetic and other pain relief caused very painful trapped wind and constipation. This was almost the worse part of my recovery in the first couple of weeks – I dreaded having to go to the toilet and found it useful to have Milk of Magnesia and a supply of other laxatives in readiness at home. Drinking plenty of water and trying to move around as much as my body would accept also seemed to help, but I felt a battle was going on in my body, between managing pain and the side effects of this; it took a few weeks before I felt any sense of victory over this!

The skin around my abdomen also became hypersensitive and itchy as the incision wound began to heal, particularly after the dressing was removed, and the only thing that really helped was good old fashioned Calamine Lotion (avoiding the scar itself). Once the scar began to heal over, after 2-3 weeks, I found cleaning the area with Distilled Witch Hazel was very soothing, then massaging the abdominal area with a good quality Vitamin E oil and some Arnica Cream over the more tender areas at the top and base of the incision.

So my post hysterectomy home remedy first aid kit would include:

I only found all this out by trial and error – but these were the things that seemed to work best for me, and gave me some sense of control over my recovery….and if nothing else, were all more pleasant to use on my body than stronger medication!

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