One of Life’s Little Hiccups – Lesley’s Hysterectomy Story

Like so many other people before me, & I’m sure many more in the future, there comes a time in a women life when we can get bogged down with the discomfort, torment & anxiety of troubled menstrual cycles. Once we feel we have suffered enough & can bare the inconvenience no longer, we eventually seek help. This can be a long drawn out process & certainly helps if you have an understanding family, friends & medical practice to take you on a fruitful journey to a better life….

I personally had been suffering for about 3 years, on reflection & although I had coped – it was becoming more & more difficult to do that & feel clean & fresh more or less on a day-to-day basis. My monthly cycle was more like a daily cycle that I had no control of. Holidays were a nightmare, walking around like a padded up baby of 51 years old. Eventually my GP agreed to give me some tablets to stop the bleeding for this years holiday (2013), but this was only a short term fix. Tablets to reduce the flow had been tried, coil too, & even the ablation. But none had been a quick fix….. The only option left would be for a total hysterectomy.

So on 12th November 2013 I had my Hysterectomy. The operation went well & although I had a catheter in for a day, I had no drain, good news. My would was stapled together, which was fine, but I wish they had taken more care of where they placed the sticky part of the dressing – directly over the end few staples was not a brilliant idea, I can assure you. The reason I say that is because when they came to remove it – ouch- what a wowza that was. More than made my eyes water, had a panic attack (which I do suffer from time to time due to fear of pain & medical procedures – started 28 years ago after a bad road accident – but that’s another story).

One day after the operation they decide its time to try & sit me in the chair – catheter still in at this point. Not a brilliant idea really. Pain level through the roof & another panic attack…phew. At the end of day one the catheter comes out – what a relief. Normal “wee” now so that’s good & only a small amount of blood loss. Sleeping upright in the bed is the only option as its far to painful lying down flat – stockings & all.

Day two post op & I’m given the all clear to go home & REST. Wonderful news. Home for teatime.

My first couple of weeks a slept downstairs on a recliner chair as this was far more practical & comfortable. I am like a majority of women & don’t take easy to RESTING & DOING NOTHING., but I certainly found that it was as much as I could do to get up to go to the loo, for a few days anyway. It really does knock the stuffing out of you & it is important that you do as you are advised.

Progress is slow & this is where having good family support comes into its own. My husband & daughter have been so supportive that they truly deserve a rest now….My daughter has done a majority of the” looking after” – not only me but our two rescue dogs, cooking, cleaning, going to the gym & working too…phew what a star.

I am now 4 weeks post op & although not back to my normal “curvy figure” – & still feeling a little bloated & sore, I feel 100% better than before the hysterectomy. Once I am back in training & cycling & walking back at my normal pace of life, I know with 100% certainty that my life will be worth the few months of post op recovery. Just to have my LIFE back…that’s reward enough. So, I guess my advice would be……If in doubt – ask about…Don’t suffer…get your life back! Oh happy Hysterectomy!


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