My hysterectomy – Nancy’s story

Hi, My name is Nancy, In September I felt a bulge in my vagina. I was shaving my legs when I saw a pink bubble. I called my family Dr and he sent me to a gynaecologist who specialises in prolapse.

I had to wait until January for the appointment for consultation. Where he examined me and said I had a prolapse of the bowel and vaginal so I was going to have A&P repair and possible partial hysterectomy. My surgery was for July 11, 2019

When I arrived for my post op. My Dr. was very thorough, he ordered a chest x-ray and blood work as well as a Cardio graph to monitor my blood flow. Everything came back normal / clear. When I arrived for my surgery on the 11th. I had an IV put in the back of my hand. I had to sit on a bed with only a gown on and the gown had holes in it for a vacuum which pumped nice cool air into my gown to keep me comfortable. After a couple hours they took me downstairs where I had a spinal block epidural it was not as bad as I remember from 33 years ago when I had my first son. I had my 2nd naturally. He was the 9 pounder, that caused my prolapse the Dr. says.

I was active, I did my crunches, squats and leg lifts which were all non aerobic or strenuous. I feel this should not have happened or don’t know why it happened. the thing is it did.

I was hoping to NOT have my uterus removed but it was. I am ok with it I don’t miss it I am 52 and already in menopause. I am in great health. I expected to be in more pain after surgery than I was. I had cramping. I was given blood thinner injections of heparin 2x a day. I was sent home on the 3rd. I kept Ice packs and stayed in my nighties on the couch. I also bought 2 bidet bottles with a slight bend from Amazon for about 13. They work great for cleaning after urination and bowels. NO Toilet paper needed , just to dry the water.

It bothered me to see the dust and dirt on the floors but I didn’t clean it no matter how bad I wanted too. My husband did not do it either as he isn’t a very good cleaner.

I had swelly belly and still do but not as much now at week 5. I had pulling in my right side I figured it was the stitches healing I was right. I kept checking for warmth and fevers but I did not have any, So I knew not to worry. the bleeding and smell from the bleeding stopped about 2 week after surgery but I still had discharge at 4 weeks. Now nothing and I am 5 weeks post op.

I think my surgeon was mad at me for not wanting mesh used. I don’t want complications as I heard a lot of bad things about mesh. So he stitched my bladder in place my body has to adhere to the stitch to make it strong. I hope it works. I bought 2 pairs of Post 0p Panties 5 weeks after my surgery as I did not know about them prior or I would have bought them. I wear them at night as I have a belly piercing and I found it was getting irritated if I wore them all day long and night too. I feel right now I need them more at night for sleeping as I am a side sleeper and even with a pillow under my hip it still felt uncomfortable.

When I saw the surgeon on the 12th of August just 4 weeks after my surgery he was 1 late upon arrival, 2 didn’t seem to be impressed with my questions. He rushed into the internal check and healing but he didn’t seem to want to answer my questions. Maybe he felt they were not important. I didn’t get to ask If I had my cervix removed or for my Surgery report. I will be asking my family Dr. I just felt uncomfortable after being rushed and I forgot to thank him for doing a great job and fixing me. I feel a whole lot better.

At about the 2nd week I felt a bulge again in my vagina and I got scared .. I read it could be my bowels and I needed to drink lots so I did that and they moved and the bulge went away .. whew I was relieved. I was scared I’d have to go through another surgery after I was doing everything correct. I am almost at the point of going back to work. I am a cashier at a grocery store but I also Just finished my PSW Course in June. I didn’t feel the need to start working right away as I knew my surgery was coming up. So now I have to look for work. I am scared of another prolapse. I have the post op panties which I feel will help me very much keep everything in place and supported.

Keep positive and don’t worry about every little thing. Listen to your body. If you walk too much or do something it doesn’t like it will let you know and Sleep as much as you can. I didn’t always feel sleepy. More so after doing a walk or shopping . Even now I still do. I haven’t drive yet. I probably can now though.

I hope my story helps others get through their surgery.

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