My hysterectomy and post-op Infection – Shirley’s Story

I had a vaginal hysterectomy in June 2012, removing ovaries and uterus. Admitted as a day patient (operation completed between 10.30am-2.00pm) and feeling sickly following removal of drain (to extract excess internal bleeding) I was given anti-sickness medicine (through IV). This made me hallucinate and generally feel groggy. Admitted overnight I was discharged late morning of the following day.

For the next week I had a mild discharge, watery red in colour. The second week I began to have a redder fresh blood discharge which smelled very offensive. Arranging an appointment to see my GP (for support, HRT and information on discharge), the bleeding increased an clots started to appear, nothing too big, about the size of the letter ‘O’ on a computer keyboard. I was admitted to a gynae ward after attending A & E at same hospital, examined and told it was possibly an infection although my blood pressure, temperature and general well being was normal. Started on very strong antibiotics, discharged early morning. That day I passed three large clots.

At home, the next morning, when rising to go to the toilet, I went back to bed, then after approx 30 minutes dozing I woke to feel very wet. I had bled all over the bed through my clothes and on making my way to the toilet, blood was dripping out of me with several clots. I went straight to A & E and was admitted, examined and scanned, with nothing abnormal showing, all pointing again towards an infection. The gynae doctor who examined me said, when the uterus is removed, the top of the vagina is closed and begins to heal, naturally forming a blood clot which is a breeding ground for infection. Clotting shows healing and is a good sign however the body eventually knows this needs to be removed and tries to break this down naturally, promoting excessive bleeding and the clots coming away.

With lying stationary overnight the blood had pooled, releasing when rising to get up and go the the toilet, etc. I was again admitted for observation to make sure there were no lesions promoting additional bleeding however my loss is beginning to subside so I am continuing the antibiotics, at home, with instructions to go straight back to hospital should the bleeding again increase. Apart from this, the post op pain has subsided after nearly three weeks and I still feel well in myself.


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