My hysterectomy after fibroids – Teresa’s Story

I first noticed problems 3 years ago, when I started getting periods twice a month. I was lucky that I had sympathetic female doctors to talk to at my GP’s surgery, and it was during one of my appointments that the doc noticed I had a “big womb”. When I asked her what she meant, she said I had appeared to have a fibroid. My heart sank, as I knew women who had had fibroids ended up with hysterectomies. I mentioned this to the doc, and she said that there was treatment for them, and that surgery was a last resort.

I was then sent to hospital for a scan a few weeks later, where a fibroid was discovered. I was supposed to have a biopsy, but seeing that the bleeding had gone back to what appeared to be a normal period, so the consultant said I should keep an eye on them (something we both agreed on), and to come back if things got worse. I then decided to try the depo jab, to see if it would stop my periods (as I had some major things going on in my life, and periods were something I didn’t want!)

Last April/May I noticed problems again where the depo jab appeared didn’t appear to be working properly. My periods were causing severe pain, and the clots were getting problematic again. I asked my GP if I could have another scan; this resulted in several more fibroids being discovered. I was then advised by GP to see a consultant, which at first I refused because I wanted to see how things went. The bleeding didn’t get any better, so I was given Norethisterone. This didn’t help, so eventually I decided enough was enough and asked my GP if I could see a consultant.

In December I saw one, and was advised that, because 2 of the the fibroids were large (5cm and 3cm), it would be better for me to have a hysterectomy. I was also told by the consultant that there was a treatment called Esmya, which was found to reduce the size of them. I had to take them for 3 months (1 tablet a day), and felt no side effects. When I saw the consultant in March, we weren’t sure if the treatment had worked, as I bled badly for days on end, stop for a bit, and then bleed badly again.

I had my operation nearly 7 weeks ago – I thought it would’ve been a vaginal/keyhole surgery, but as it was fibroids I was told it was going to be abdominal (my heart sank again, I can tell you!). Thankfully I was told that about half hour before I was operated on, so I had no time to dwell on it – to be honest, I preferred that! It was a total hysterectomy, and my ovaries remained intact. I was in hospital for 4 days, and was off work for 7 weeks. Thankfully I had my husband and family to help me, and although I never wanted a hysterectomy, so far I’m not regretting it. I feel better, and want to tell ladies that it’s nothing to be scared of.

Oh, as a last note, apparently the Esmya did work! I’m not sure if it’s something that doctors can prescribe now, as I was told in December that only the consultant was able to prescribe it.

All the very best xxx


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