Light at the end of the tunnel – Louise’s Hysterectomy Story

I am 46 and post hysterectomy and finally have light at the end of the tunnel after your website helped me enormously, as did the book advertised on it. I especially liked the new perfume and comfort cushion tips both of which I had already done before I read the book.

I would like to share my experience as it is a positive one and it seems there are so many women having to go through so many hoops to secure a satisfactory outcome.

I only went to the Dr about my symptoms 2 months ago. I had experienced heavy periods for years but put this down to my age. I found I was in discomfort when I stooped to put my shoes on or sleep. So that was why I originally went. I now realise that I was suffering with a lot more and for years.

I was referred immediately to have an ultrasound as the GP felt what he described was a 6 month pregnancy uterus. I was definitely not pregnant but I had to have a pregnancy test. The ultra sound was the following week and confirmed large fibroids in the uterus and a 17cm in diameter complex cyst on my ovary which sat so high it gave the impression of pregnancy. It was upto my ribs & had been there for years slowly growing.

So then they tested me for pancreatic and ovarian cancer. This was a big shock just before Christmas and was devastating to my 3 children (aged 19, 23 & 26). Even when you get the results back, that feeling never quite goes away as you are told that until the cysts & fibroids are removed and biopsies are done cancer cannot be ruled out completely.

So the next thing was a Gynae appointment and an MRI to confirm the size. A month had passed since the ultrasound and the MRI showed the cyst had grown 2cms. So my hysterectomy was booked in and a month later I was in and out of hospital. I had a vertical incision and I am not expecting to get over this quickly which I think is realistic. But I will listen to my body and know when I am able to do a bit more. I have not had any bleeding and am not going to miss the sanitary/tampon scene!!

I am now waiting for my histology results and to go back for my 2 week check up.The Consultant told me my growths weighed over 7lbs so no wonder I was struggling.
I wont lie, I was in pain for a couple of days after and was reassured this was due to my intestines adjusting to the space etc. The nurses were brilliant and caring and my whole experience has been a positive one.

I was warned that I would be thrust into menopause but so far I feel ok. Just a bit “away with the fairies” but I am no longer taking medication of any kind and thank my lucky stars.

So please do not fear. I have met so many women whilst in hospital and we have all been swapping notes. I would just like to say that remember menopause is a natural state for all women and not an illness. I have rarely been to the Drs in my life except while I was pregnant and do not have a history of anything so this experience for me has been life changing. I am so fortunate that my uterus and ovaries served me well indeed and I have 3 amazing children who are now waiting on me hand and foot.


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