I didn’t have time for a hysterectomy – Janet’s Story

Hi Linda, I am a little late sending my thanks for all your information about hysterectomy, before my op last year, 2012, in April. My husband had been very ill for along time, and sadly died in 2010. I think my problems started in around 2008 or before. I was looking after him, and he needed help to get around.

When we went out at the beginning he used a small portable electric scooter. I was lifting it in and out of the car all the time, and they are not exactly light. I have been a nurse all my life, and I have moved heavy patients and so on, so I didn’t even think about the weight. But it obviously didn’t help, as I was getting older and as a result of all the lifting, I kind of realised that things were getting uncomfortable, but didn’t do anything about it, just put everything off, as I DIDN’T HAVE TIME.

When my husband died I went to see about my ( problem !). After various tests and appointments, they decided on a hysterectomy. Your website was excellent, and I felt like a friend. I would tell other women not to wait, like I did, I had a vaginal hysterectomy, and afterwards wondered why I had been so apprehensive. I have never looked back, and thank you again for all your stories and advice.


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