Hysterectomy Recovery – Marie’s Story

Haven’t really had chance to mull over what’s happened, things happened so fast. Had a routine colonoscopy in feb and consultant felt a fibroid so suggested a gynae scan. Colonoscopy all clear & symptoms put down to IBS. Gynae scan told everything ok but insisted I saw DR. Blood test showed inflammation of ovaries so within a week seeing another consultant. Suggested MRI which I had following day, then CT scan the following week.

I then went on holiday for 3 weeks. back to appointment, outcome showed fibroid but looking strange so suggested complete hysterectomy, womb, ovaries, lymph nodes as swollen and fibroid. Week later 24 April I was in.

Out of it the first night, but after a wash next day up in chair. Catheter removed that night so of course I ended up and down all night.

Following day, more sitting and resting, lot of trapped wind discomfort. allowed home on the Saturday with stockings & anti thrombosis injections.

Glad to be home but felt every pothole! It was lovely to get into my own bed but the difficulty was getting out. Tried a rope contraption so I could pull myself up, only half successful.

The next day felt wonderful, pottered around, watched some telly, pain was ok, thought this wont be so bad. But then had a bad night, too warm, restless leg, couldn’t get comfy, so consequently didn’t feel so perky the next day & I was on my own. managed ok though and pottered around again did some needle felting. fantastic 3rd night as managed to lie on my side but today 6 days after op feel really tired.

Think I did too much on the Sunday but hopefully things will improve. Just have to wait for the appointment to discuss biopsy results.


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